North Pacific is the latest -aquatic- incarnation of the legendary Black Light (Light) Orchestra, mutant UFO of the Bxl underground scene.

Mr Diagonal (mini guitar, voice) and his shipmates Yannick Dupont (percussion, marimba, Moog) and Quentin Manfroy (bass, bass flute, contrabassoon) take us on trip to their private Pacific, of variable currents and 1000 mystic shades of sunset and sunrise.

We share his nautical peregrinations, his storms and calms, his shipwrecks; the ups and downs of desert island life, his attempts at shipbuilding, his manioc intoxications.

On a decor of inflatable palm trees and polychrome slides, North Pacific is a lean, playful, enigmatic pop with a unique density of invention and arrangement. A joyfully depressing brand of temperate tropicalia; a music of the Belgian islands of the imagination.