North Pacific

The story so far:
Mr Diagonal, Prime Minister of Pop, was taking a dawn dip at his beach resort in Goa on the morning of his birthday when he was swept out to sea by a huge wave. After a lengthy search, mr Diagonal was pronounced lost and assumed dead. However, 18 month later a man in ragged clothes and smelling of fish, going by the name Lord Hypotenuse caused much head-scratching in Hollywood. North Pacific is his story, telling of his adventures on the high seas, the highs and lows of desert island life, his manioc-fuelled dreams, visions and reminiscences.
Accompanied by his trusty shipmates Yannick Dupont (drums and coconuts) and Quentin Manfroy (bass, flute, bones), North Pacific is the latest, aquatic incarnation of the mythical Black Light Orchestra.

video by Ken Nishikawa